Oct 1, 2016

Saturday, Oct 1st, 2016, C.C. Burnikel

Theme: C.C.C.W.~!

Words: 72 (missing B,F,G,J,Q,V,X,Z~!)

Blocks: 29

  Another Saturday soirĂ©e from our hostess, C.C., and this one went about at smoothly as one could hope.  Slowed down just a tad in the SW, with a few bad entries, but I got off to a good to start knowing 1a.  I'm becoming a big fan of the site, as you can imagine.  9- and 8-letter fills all around, so I am not going to single out any specific clues/answers.



1. Tumblr competitor : PINTEREST - I love this site - there's so much to see, in so many categories, that I began my own collection of photos and images, and have even received comments from strangers.  Besides the pantyhose images, I like the wood projects and clever construction tips I sometimes see

10. Workers' rights org. : OSHA - Occupational Safety and Health Administration

14. Dunkin' Donuts buy : ICED LATTE

15. "Gimme five" : "UP TOP~!"

16. Go wild : RAISE CAIN

17. Sticky corner piece : STAMP - ooh, clever - I was stuck in 'ceramic tile' mode

18. Shot target : ARM - ah, the doctor visit kind of shot

19. Joint room? : CELL - the joint being jail

20. Zero on stage : MOSTEL - I like it when I know the proper names

21. "Later!" : "CIAO~!" - oops, not TA-TA~!

23. Marks meaning the same thing : DITTOS

25. Tongue attachment? : ESE - I have always found it interesting that as you move around the globe, we go from "-AN" (CanadiAN, AmericAN, MexicAN) to the "-ISH" (English, Spanish) thru the 'odd' ones (French, Swiss, Swede) on to the "-I" (Iran-I, Pakistan-I) and then over to the "-ESE" (ChinESE, JapanESE)

26. Pulls hard : YANKS

28. Dynamic start : AERO - aerodynamic - and a Daft Punk song with a great guitar riff

Check out this "live performance" clip
and watch the guitarist's fingers go

29. Lose at the table, with "out" : CRAP - so that's how you get a four-letter word into an LA Times puzzle....

30. Flier to Helsinki : SAS - finally getting this answer stuck in my noggin

32. Coach in six Super Bowls : DON SHULA - I was right, but wrong; for some reason, I thought his name was Jim, not Don

34. Fencing maneuvers : THRUSTS - and here's where the fun begins.  I had RIPOSTS, but that is incorrect - it's RIPOSTES 

38. Kim of "Army Wives" : DELANEY

39. "I agree!" : "HEAR HEAR~!"

41. Grumpy pal : DOC - Seven Dwarfs

42. Works in Madrid? : ARTE - yeah, I thought this might be the answer, but I hesitated

43. Singer with a domed nest : WREN - I found a cool site with a whole slew of peculiar nest constructors

45. Trick users, in a way : PHISH - ah - trick the verb, not the noun - am I thinking too close to Halloween already~?

49. Your, in Tours : TES - les Frawnche

50. Sri Lankan exports : PEKOES - well, I was thinking "TEA"....

52. "Off the Court" author : ASHE - my first thought, but I waited for a crossing

53. Acted badly : SINNED

55. True-to-life : REAL - ha~!  I put this in and forgot about it - and it was correct

57. Cut : LOP - or HEW~?  Had to wait

58. Used a drive-thru, maybe : ATE IN - odd that you have to go "out" to eat "in"

59. Online shopping button : ADD TO CART - great fill, and I love to shop online - this item~? yes, I will "add to cart"~!

61. Tilts : LISTS - dah~! not LEANS

62. Dominican-born designer : de la RENTA - my spelling was a bit sloppy, but I finally figured it out

63. WWII Allied invasion vessels : LSTs

64. Put on : PRETENDED - ah, not the "DRESSED IN" answer I was pondering


1. Music industry woe : PIRACY

2. Samos neighbor named for the son of Daedalus : ICARIA

3. Partner of Marcus : NEIMAN - a place where you can "add to cart"

4. ESPN highlights : TDs - and now there's the "he shoots - he scores~!" of hockey again~!

5. Util. bill : ELECtric

6. Went fast : RACED

7. Latin catchall : ET ALIA - the full-out spelling

8. Overly formal : STILTED

9. Number worn by Tony La Russa as a tribute to Sparky Anderson : TEN - ONE, TWO, SIX or TEN~? I waited on perps

10. Goes (for) : OPTS

11. Like some Chinese TV stations : STATE-RUN

12. Closing subject : HOME SALE - I am in a quandary right now, as my mother's house is in my name, along with my brother's.  He and mom are thinking about selling the house now so she can get an apartment before the "N" word comes up.  I am of the financial mentality that a home equity loan today can mean an improved house for sale tomorrow - but I am out-voted 2-1

13. Google Wallet rival : APPLE PAY - I don't care for Apple products, though Google seems to be sticking more of their finger in a lot of my business these days

15. The __: two-time WWE Tag Team Champions : USOS - all perps, and the second "S" was my last fill ( I thought ditto plural was dittoEs )

20. Daydreamed : MOONED - and then there's the 'other' definition....

22. "Well, why not?" : "OK, SURE."

24. Walked : TROD

27. Beauty pageant band : SASH

29. Rumba relative : CHA-CHA

31. Simmered : STEWED

33. Sty supper : SLOP

34. "No more for me" : "THAT'S ALL" - I thought it might be "---FULL"

35. Finder's words : HERE IT IS

36. Total mess : RAT'S NEST - ah, not PIG STY related

37. Cutty __: Scotch : SARK - for Saturday, the "Scotch" part could probably be left off - as should the "ice", right Tin~?

40. Ask for more : REORDER - add to cart, again

44. Item for a sewer : NEEDLE - the Sew-er not the sewer of plumbing

46. Hong Kong, e.g. : ISLAND - I am reading a book with Hong Kong as part of the plot, and the author went into a lot of detail about the 200+ islands of the area 

47. Nest sound? : SHORT E - ah.  I did not see this until I started writing the blog

48. Set of seven : HEPTAD - nope, not SEPTET

50. Farm houses : PENS

51. Used, as a counter : SAT AT

54. Trifling criticisms : NITS - we have had our share of NITS and NATICKS here at the blog

56. Accumulated accounts : LORE

59. Payroll service co. : ADP

60. Historic span: Abbr. : CENtury