Jan 25, 2015

Sunday, January 26, 2015 C.C. Burnikel

Theme: 4-G Network. Every theme answer contains 4 G's sprinkled throughout the fill. 

Our lovely hostess is working weekends again and has acquired the services of GreGarious Guy Gary to blog for her very nice Sunday puzzle. Having  six theme answers across and two down supplied a nice element too. She produced some real learning for me with some of the theme fill and as usual provided entertainment with her always sparkling cluing.

I'm sure it was just serendipity that Don G had GettinG GoinG in his great Thursday puzzle! 

23A. What winners earn : BRAGGING RIGHTS - Texas and Oklahoma fight for these each October in Dallas  (1/2 orange, 1/2 red in Cotton Bowl)

41A. Search feature that tries to finish your thought : GOOGLE SUGGEST - New to this digital cowboy

60A. Grounded V-formation fliers : GAGGLE OF GEESE - Hey, once they take off they're a flock 

83A. Completely : BAG AND BAGGAG- "I threw him out, BAG AND BAGGAGE"

96A. Way to generate fresh website content : GUEST BLOGGING - I think that's what all of us do

120A. Flamboyant '40s-'50s wrestler : GORGEOUS GEORG- George Wagner from Butte Nebraska cut quite a figure in the 50's rasslin' game

40D. Kellogg's product slogan : LEGGO MY EGG

44D. Revelation nations : GOG AND MAGO- Not a clue

1. Give up : CEDE - The land Mexico CEDED to the U.S.A. after the Mexican-American War

5. 27 for Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata," e.g. : OPUS 

9. Body sci. : ANAT 

13. Fingers-in-one's-ears syllables : LA LA LA - If I can't hear you, it doesn't count... 

19. Subtle vibe : AURA

20. "Hogwash!" : BOSH - Would Rich have allowed "Chris of the Miami Heat"?

21. Rao's competitor : RAGU

22. Polling place sticker : I VOTED 

26. Pan creator : BARRIE - Mary Martin as Pan on NBC in 1955  is a fond memory for me

27. Like a designated driver : SOBER - I don't think driving drunk is taken lightly any more

28. Coptic Museum city : CAIRO - tradition has it that the Holy Family visited this part of Cairo while fleeing from Herod

29. Toffee bar with a crown in its logo : SKOR - one of my favorite candy bars as long as my teeth are good!

31. Bread sometimes prepared with chutney : NAAN - I've yet to sample either

32. Bowler Mark who was four-time PBA Player of the Year : ROTH - along with Boomer, a man who has had a lot 127A. Alley pickups : SPARES

34. Trellis piece : LATH

36. Wipe clean : ERASE 

38. The NFL's Falcons : ATL - They got an NFL expansion franchise in 1965 so they wouldn't go to the pre-merger AFL

44. Coll. transcript stat : GPA 

47. Rake's look : LEER 

49. Big diamond-mining country: Abbr. : RSA - a 507.55 carat white diamond taken from the Cullinan Diamond Mine in South Africa in 2009

50. Tells a tall tale : LIES - George Costanza, "Jerry, it's not a LIE, if you don't think it's a LIE"

51. Melodious winds : OBOES - As mentioned on Monday, also the voice of the duck in Peter And The Wolf 

53. Ready to drive : IN GEAR

55. "Fear not!" : BE BRAVE - It's probably not as bad as you think it will be

59. Aptly named baby carrier brand : SNUGLI 

62. Usher in : HERALD - Hark!

63. Drudgery : MOIL - I will learn this word. I will learn this word. I will... 

64. Ninth-century pope : LEO IV  - Served from DCCCXLVII - DCCCLV

65. Ousted Iranian ruler : SHAH - he was a despot but, by God, he was our despot

67. Dundee denial : NAE - "Nae, I did na think she was bonny"

68. ''Chances Are'' crooner : MATHIS - You can't be my age and not have, uh, "pitched woo" to this record

70. Japanese IT services giant : NEC 

72. Map feature : LEGEND - This map and its LEGEND tell you where most people live in my, Joe's and Ergo's state.

74. Stable diet? : HAY - cute

76. Trace : HINT 

77. 2008 Jordin Sparks/Chris Brown duet : NO AIR

79. Letters on the back of a jersey : NAME - Coachspeak: 

81. Certain daisies : OXEYES

87. Trials and tribulations : RIGORS

88. Rhine temptress : LORELEI - I listened for her while floating down the Rhine, but all I heard were people at the ship's bar

89. "Under Siege" star : SEAGAL

90. Church doctrine : DOGMA - The Golden Rule is all I need

91. Kiara's mother in "The Lion King" : NALA 

92. Org. promoting hunter safety : NRA 

94. Fuss : TO-DO - Miss Bunting seems intent on creating a TO-DO whenever she is at Downton Abbey

95. Comic Philips : EMO - I always thought he was an odd little man

102. Airer of "Family Feud" reruns, briefly : GSN - How much Family Feud can you really watch? 

103. Hulu service : NET TV - Now that we have a "smart TV"...

104. Palm starch : SAGO - Harvesting the pith from the Sago Palm to make starch

105. Besties : PALS - BFF's (which last about a week in middle school)

107. It can precede Bravo : ALFA - Take it from Golf Alfa Romeo Yankee

110. "If that's true ..." : THEN - Simple If/Then flow chart

112. Dupe : REPRO - If a brother can be "bro",  a 
reproduction can be a REPRO

114. Online savings accounts offerer : E-LOAN - I've seen 391% APR on those babies

118. Text file with instructions : READ ME 

123. Blini topper : CAVIAR - EGADS! You eat caviar with a metal spoon! How gauche! 

124. Sweetie, in Tahiti : AMIE - Parlez vous Français in Tahiti? Mais oui!

125. In the know about : ONTO - Yeah, no one was ONTO Tony and Jack

126. Glimpses : SEES

128. Scorch : SEAR

129. Reflexology targets : FEET

130. Throw, as a party : HOST


1. Train station waiters : CABS - Our resident oenophile Marti might have clued this differently!

2. Vatican City coin : EURO - The cheapest tour of the Vatican will set you back €32,00

3. Lackluster : DRAB 

4. Champing at the bit : EAGER

5. Kimono closer : OBI

6. Wet weather wear : PONCHOS - The Pope wore the same cheap rain PONCHO when visiting the faithful in the Philippines. A true man of the people.

7. Org. that tests balls and clubs : USGA

8. Piercing : SHRILL

9. Specialized idioms : ARGOTS - We have 'em here! 

10. "Pass" : NAH - Coupled with NAE today

11. NSA figures : AGTS 

12. Rosa Parks' birth city : TUSKEGEE - She'd had enough, decided to BE BRAVE and showed true courage 

13. Some fall babies : LIBRAS 

14. Clark's "Mogambo" co-star : AVA - She was forced on director John Ford who wanted Maureen O'Hara

15. "SNL" creator Michaels : LORNE

16. Hair removal brand : ATRA - I guess shaving is hair removal

17. "Well, I guess you don't know everything about women yet" speaker : LEIA

18. Yemeni port : ADEN

24. Pirate's brew : GROG - A staple for Captain Hook in Pan?

25. Wrath, in a hymn : IRAE

30. Tram loads : ORES - Gold ORE in a slightly bigger mode of 

33. Manager with four World Series wins : TORRE - Four Yankee titles

35. Expressive dances : HULAS

37. Salisbury Plain monument : STONEHENGE - YouTube has many great theories about how STONEHENGE was built

38. Irreverent Sacha Baron Cohen alter ego : ALI G - Not my (Nice) Cuppa tea!

39. Break hr. : TEN AM 

42. Talky get-together : GABFEST

43. Hand over : GIVE

45. Big name in windows and doors : PELLA - In Iowa, it's a town with a fabulous Tulip Festival

46. Private remark : ASIDE - Bob Hope was a master at this in the "Road Films"

48. Aqua __: gold dissolver : REGIA - Literally Royal Water. Nitro-hydrochloric acid

52. Rough case : BUR

54. Extremely hot : ALL THE RAGE 

56. Locker room problem : EGO - A crossword stalwart with a huge EGO

57. '60s counterculture event : BE IN

58. Common crime drama theme : REVENGE

59. Plush carpet : SHAG

61. Ken of "thirtysomething" : OLIN - Another stalwart here

65. On the skids : SLIDING

66. Sage, say : HERB

69. Bad reception? : HISS - My MIL's radio HISSES constantly but it was a gift from her late son

71. Shade of black : COAL 

73. Pester : NAG AT - LA LA LA... 

74. Large crowd : HORDE

75. Geometry basic : AXIOM

78. Hydrocarbon suffix : ANE - It's been very warm this week and so I refilled my proPANE tank earlier than usual to BBQ

80. "Oh my goodness!" : EGADS

82. __ Kippur : YOM - Will 9/23 - 9/24, 2015 be long enough for me to atone for all my sins?

83. Hightail it : BOLT - Col. Pickering, "Where's Eliza?" Professor Higgins, "She's BOLTED!"

84. Spirited horses : ARABS 

85. Yoga posture : ASANA - I can do some of these 

86. Tesla Motors CEO Musk : ELON - He's building space vehicles too

88. City on I-15 : LAS VEGAS - 5 hr and 49 min north and you'd be in Salt Lake City. Hmmm...

91. Rembrandt's home: Abbr. : NETH

93. Comeback : RIPOSTE - here's one with our crossword weapon of choice

97. States : UTTERS

98. Minnesota, vis-à-vis Nebraska : LARGER - C.C. said she originally had Missouri but Rich put in Nebraska. Yeah 
right! ;-)

99. Arch in some Gothic architecture : OGEE

100. Vanish : GO POOF

101. __ club : GLEE

103. It's the pits : NADIR 

106. Play in the tub : SLOSH

107. Lob paths : ARCS - The result of many a Lob pass

108. Bound : LEAP  - See above

109. Bean variety : FAVA

111. Alaskan gold rush town : NOME - What great 1960 song has the lyric, "Below that old white mountain, Just a little southeast of NOME"?

113. Mysterious letter : RUNE - Early Germanic writing system

115. Snack sometimes fried : OREO 

116. Long stretches : AGES 

117. Place to find eggs : NEST

119. West in pictures : MAE - She really knew her, uh, assets

121. Coastal inlet : RIA

122. Figured out : GOT - I was so happy I GOT to blog this fine puzzle for my 
friend C.C.!

Thanks for this great puzzle C.C.! This site is now charging into its 8th year with you firmly ensconced in the position of leadership. How fortunate we are!

Husker Gary

Note from C.C.:

Ralph Bunker, the co-constructor of George Barany's "Enigma Variations" meta puzzle, visited MN yesterday, so our local constructors had another gathering at the University of Minnesota. The conference room we were at is named after George's parents, both Holocaust survivors. George also gave us a tour of their chemistry department and showed us this huge periodic table where you can touch some of the elements.

Marcia Brott, C.C., Tom Pepper, David Hanson & Nancy Herther
  Tariq Samad, George Barany, Ralph Bunker, Tom Pepper, C.C., David Hanson, Marcia Brott & Nancy Herther

George Barany, Nancy Herther, Tom Pepper, Marcia Brott, David Hanson, C.C.m, Victor Barocas,  Tariq Samad & Ralph Bunker

Click here for a few more pictures.

Also, the Fourth Minnesota Crossword Tournament will be held on Sunday, June 14, 2015. Please click here for more info.